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Hybrid Urinals


The new Sloan® Hybrid Urinals deliver unmatched performance while saving thousands of gallons of water every year. This innovative fixture combines a world-class, multi-patented urinal cartridge with our revolutionary Jetrinse™ Solution Technology that will keep your urinals and drain lines clean, hygienic, odor-free and clog-free.


Install the TruFlush Flushometer in any environment and see the savings.

Water savings and flood prevention.
regulations—conserving water has never been more important. Since their introduction, waterfree and 1/8 gpf high-efficiency urinals have helped save thousands of gallons of fresh water every year with each installation. When properly maintained, these fixtures provide efficient removal of liquid waste with no odor or clogs. The challenge is, however, that improper or infrequent maintenance can lead to the buildup of solids in the drain line, which leads to reduced flow and bad-smelling restrooms. As a result, many customers are not satisfied and believe that these high-efficiency urinals don’t live up to expectations.
Now, there’s a new solution that combines the efficiency of waterfree urinals with the functionality of conventional flush urinals.


Sloan® Hybrid Urinals feature a multi-patented cartridge, with Falcon Waterfree Technology, for safe, long-lasting, low-odor performance while saving tens of thousands of gallons of water every year. Since the technology was introduced in 2004, there have been several improvements incorporated into the design based on feedback from customers. The latest design follows that same path and includes six all-new features to provide optimal performance.

Keeps pipes and housing cleaner
The patented flexible pour spout combines with a modified cartridge outlet to concentrate and redirect the exiting urine. This significantly increases its exit speed, which helps keep the housing and pipes cleaner.

Reduces odor
The patented cartridge features a reduced surface area that eliminates space for bacteria growth.

Retains sealant better
A new diverter combines with the internal baffle to help retain sealant, even if a bucket of water is accidentally dumped into the urinal.

Reduces splashback
An integrated diverter shield reduces splashing while helping prevent debris from entering the cartridge.

Greener footprint
The new cartridge uses 20% less material than previous models, making it even more environmentally friendly.

Maintenance indicator
The indicator lets you know when it’s time to replace your cartridge.


The Sloan® Hybrid Urinal doesn’t use water to eliminate urine, and there’s no need for maintenance personnel to manually clean or rinse the housing and drain line. The difference occurs behind the scenes with our breakthrough Jetrinse™ Solution Technology. Every 72 hours, the system automatically purges the housing and pipes, rinsing them thoroughly to prevent the buildup of sediment. The result is clean, odor-free operation, with virtually no maintenance aside from typical wipedowns and cartridge changes.



HYB-1000 HYB-4000 HYB-7000
Code Number 1001020 1004020 1007020
Nominal Dimensions 25⅞" x 16⅝" x 14⅜"
651mm x 422mm x 365mm
22⅝" x 15⅜" x 14"
575mm x 391mm x 356mm
21⅞" x 12¾" x 14⅝"
555mm x 325mm x 370mm
Approximate Weight 68 lbsl 43 lbs 54 lbs
Jetrinse™ Water Supply 3/8" NPT
Drain Connection 2" NPT
ADA Compliant Yes
Certification IAPMO
Manual Jetrinse Activation Infrared switch
Urinal Construction Vitreous china
Urinal Operation Waterfree
Jetrinse Operation 1 gallon per 72 hours
Power 6V lithium battery


Sloan® Hybrid Urinals come in three designs to meet your specifications and requirements. Ideal for a wide range of applications, the Hybrid Urinal
line can deliver exceptional performance and outstanding savings for:
  Healthcare facilities
  Restaurants and hotels
  Schools and universities
  Transportation terminals
  Office buildings


Sloan® HYB-7000 Hybrid Urinal_HIGH

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