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ozone drinking water treatment

Ozone Drinking Water Treatment

If your drinking water system needs to disinfect, remove iron or manganese, or control taste and odor, ozone Drinking Water Treatment can be an excellent option.

ozone is widely used for drinking water treatment Because of its excellent disinfection and oxidation qualities hence ozone will be used at various points while Water Treatment System.

The use of ozone is often the only and most effective technology for providing high-quality drinking water. Thanks to the environmentally-friendly way in which it is ideally suited for sustainable water treatment. As one of the most powerful commercially available oxidants. It addresses other quality issues apart from disinfection, which are difficult or impossible to treat with other methods. We are Premier Ozone Drinking Water Treatment service providers in Bangalore, Mangalore & Mysore.

How Ozone is essential in Drinking Water Purification?

Disinfection i.e killing of most microorganisms - bacteria, virus, algae inactivation, elimination of     cryptosporidia.

Complete removal of odors, colours, toxic substances and bad tastes.

Oxidation of metals and non metals such as iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphide, orsenic and all     organic matter.

Degradation of pesticides, pharmaceutical and other trace contaminants.

Benefits :

No harmful Tri-hala-methanes formation.

No environmental or health - endangering harmful chlorinated by products.

Low Ozone doeses are sufficient, faster in disinfection than conventinal methods.

Ozone is produced according to needs at the place of consumption from power and oxygen/air.     Ozone disintegrates or is broken down to oxygen after the reaction.

Ozone does not negatively impact the water's taste and smell.


Ozone Generator - A5G

Ozone Generator - A5G

Ozone Generator - L10G

Ozone Generator - L10G

Ozone Generator - L50G

Ozone Generator - L50G

Ozone Generator -M30G

Ozone Generator -M30G

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