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Customized Sewage Treatment Plant

In these days, enormous amount of wastewater is being generated by residential, commercial, institutional and industrial establishments. If you are going to construct such establishments then you need to set up a sewage treatment plant. Because, nowadays environmental laws have made it mandatory for all builders, residential, commercial and industrial buildings to set up and operate STP or Sewage Treatment Plant. If your building or premises is not installed with Sewage Treatment Plant then you need to set up STP as per your building constraints i.e. you can customize the sewage treatment plant as per your existing building plan and design.

Organic wastes, suspended solids, bacteria, nitrates, and phosphates are pollutants that commonly called as sewage can cause mass health and environmental hazards, if not treated. Hence, it should be treated using sewage treatment plant (STP) to make it suitable for further disposal into natural environment. The main objective of sewage treatment system is to produce environmentally safe fluid waste water or treated effluent suitable for disposal or reuse.

You can set up either vertical or horizontal or circular shaped STPs as per your building space constraints. You can customize the size and functions of Sewage Treatment Plants for your establishments with wide variety of options like: high level of operational reliability, optimizing and saving space by installing in basements, on terraces or above grounds.

Customized Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

1. What are the common benefits of customized Sewage Treatment Plant?

Customized sewage treatment plant or customized STP yields some benefits to your building and are as follows:
1. Cost-effective and easy operation
2. Requires less energy consumption
3. Highly efficient & compliant with safety regulations
4. Customized technologies to match rigorous site conditions
5. Removes all types of contaminants with minimal noise and odor production

2. Treatment processes involved in sewage treatment plants:

Most of the Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) undergoes the following stages of treatment and are as follows:

1. Preliminary Treatment: This is the first and essential stage of treatment in sewage treatment systems. This treatment uses physical methods to remove the particles that may cause damage to other equipments. It uses screening chamber for the removal for floating particles like debris and raw effluent. It also uses grit chamber to remove sand and grit. It also removes oil and grease.

2. Primary Treatment: This stage includes physical and chemical methods of treatment depending on the incoming effluent from previous stage. It includes coagulation, flocculation and neutralization for the removal of suspended solids/particles by solid and liquid separation. This treatment removes about 70% of suspended solids and some percent of organic matter. The sludge obtained at this stage is called primary sludge which is subjected for further process.

3. Secondary Treatment: This treatment is also called as biological treatment which is used to remove organic matter. It uses either aerobic or anaerobic treatment depending on the kind of raw effluent. But most of the STP’s use many types of aerobic treatment methods called Activated Sludge Process (ASP), trickling filters, aerated lagoons etc., but ASP is the most used method to remove organic matter around 80%. Sludge obtained during ASP is called secondary sludge which combines with primary sludge for sludge processing.

4. Tertiary Treatment: This treatment involves physical, chemical or biological methods to remove residual suspended solids and organic matter. It also involves a process called disinfection which can be done by using disinfectants like chlorine, ozone, UV light, reverse osmosis etc., to remove residual microorganisms. Now the treated wastewater can be disposed to natural environment or it can be reused for other purposes.

3. Applications of customized sewage treatment system:

1. Industries, factories and townships
2. Hotels & Resorts
3. School & Educational Institutions
4. Hospitals & Nursing homes
5. Large Residential colonies
6. Apartments & Complexes
7. Residential development projects
8. Commercial building projects
9. Shopping malls/complexes
10. IT parks

Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant

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