Faucet aerators are the simple and least expensive water saving devices and are easy to install for your existing faucet.

Different Types of Faucet aerators

Faucet Aerators

MIKADO Aerators : The new MIKADO aerator turns the water stream into an eye-catcher when washing your Shands.

Spray ITR (SSR) Aerators : Spray ITR aerator offers a most extraordinary spray stream: a rain spray. Its silicone nozzles provide an extensive, yet soft water stream. Create that shower feeling for the faucet, for hygienic sprays and, of course, for shower heads by using the Spray ITR aerator.

PERLATOR Coin Slot (CS) Aerators : The PERLATOR Coin Slot (CS) Aeratorcan be used with cast faucets and needs no brass and no tools. This threaded aerator has an integrated coin slot for easy assembly or disassembly and can be removed with a coin.

CACHÉ Hidden Aerator : CACHÉ Hidden Aerator are ease and flexibility to the design: The aerator is screwed directly into the faucet eliminating the need for a housing – thus it is made invisible.

CACHÉ Coin Slot (CS) Aerator :CACHÉ Coin Slot (CS) Aerators for tubular spouts. Thanks to an integrated coin slot, this threaded aerator can be assembled and removed using simply a coin.

SLC Aerators : Smart Lime Cleaning (SLC) for a maximum lifespan of your faucet aerator.

CASCADE Aerator : perfect stream quality even under difficult flow conditions.

HONEYCOMB Aerator : Improved lime protection: integrated HONEYCOMB structure replaces conventional wire mesh screens prone to lime build-up.

HONEYCOMB Laminar Aerator : Improved lime protection: integrated HONEYCOMB structure replaces conventional wire mesh screens prone to lime build-up.

LongLife Aerator : provides a splash-free stream, well aerated and soft to the touch.

HC Flow Thru Aerator : This aerator insert with two stream paths can be used for dual-purpose faucets.

Spray SLC : For good water dispersion at low flow rates.

LP Flow Straightener aerators : Suitable for faucets connected to pressureless boilers and instantaneous water heaters without pressure relief valve

SLIM AIR aerators : This product’s main characteristic is the extemely low height combined with an excellent aerated stream quality.

SLIM Laminar aerators : The SLIM product line offers innovative possibilities to design faucets owing to its low height - starting from as little as 6.0 mm.

Rectangular Aerators : Rectangular aerators have changed the shape of the water streaming. Faucet designers experience new possibilities and interesting style options for faucet and water stream.

HONEYCOMB SSR Aerator : SSR aerators are 100% compatible with standard size housings, which means existing aerator inserts can easily be replaced.

Autoclean Aerator : The AC (auto-clean) aerator flushes out sediments and particles even after a long period of use with no changes in stream pattern or flow rate.

NANOPERL Aerators : NANOPERL aerators are designed for multiple-application and thus offer countless new faucet design options.

Shorty Aerator : The Shorty aerator is equipped with the proven water-saving PCA technology which allows a compliance with different international water-saving requirements.

NEOPERL Push aerator : The NEOPERL® Push aerator with its characteristical green knob offers two flow rates in one. A simple push mechanism allows to switch easily between two flow rates.

Atomizer Aerators : Atomizers are special aerators with a minimal flow rate (water-saving). The atomization is achieved by dispersing the water into tiny droplets.

Dual Flow Units : Take water savings to a new level! Neoperl's range of dual-flow aerator units offers a flow rate of just 0.2 l/min (approx. 0.05 gpm).

Low Pressure Aerator : NEOPERL offers faucet aerators suitable for areas with low supply pressure or for gravity-fed systems.

Clinic Aerator : In medical facilities, aerators help to prevent water unintentionally landing on surfaces and splashing. This means they reduce the risk of pathogens being transmitted.

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