FRP Lining

FRP Lining

A Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic is a lining material that is corrosion resistant which is suitable for specific working conditions with reference to temperature, concentration of the product handled and type of material being used. We are the leading FRP Lining Work providers in Bangalore. We give FRP lining service to various industries like chemical industry, water treatment plant.

Why are FRP lining used

FRP Lining is applied to chemical storage tanks, scrubbers, chimneys and FRP blowers. FRP lining is used for repair and maintenance of a wide range of construction like overhead storage tanks, pipelines, building construction cracks, water/chemical proofing, bridges & flyover constructions cracks etc. which provide not only corrosion resistance but also high strength and dimension stability at low cost and ease of application.

Offering high durability and strength, as well as reliable resistance to corrosion, FRP is long-lasting and mitigates the need for ongoing maintenance. FRP causes less stress on the infrastructure and is more durable than other materials. FRP is built to last and won’t experience corrosion over time like many other construction materials. FRP Lining allows for aesthetic versatility, as there is a range of possible colors. It is also possible to add functional features to facilitate a smooth and easy installation process.

Advantages of FRP Lining

FRP has lower installation and maintenance allowing for lower life cycle cost overall.

Corrosion, rot & insects resistance.

FRP is greater in strength.

Applications of FRP Products

Metal finishing / electroplating

Pickling & galvanizing

Chemical manufacturing

Sewage treatment plants

Pulp & paper mills

Thermal power plants

Fertilizer / pesticide industry


Dye stuff