FRP Vessels

FRP Vessels

FRP vessels designed and are widely used in the chemical industry. We are top class manufacturers of FRP Vessels in Bangalore. FRP vessels are used in various commercial and industrial applications, including chemical, water & wastewater, food & beverage, mining & metals, power, energy and high-purity applications.

Uses of FRP Vessels

Fertilizer industry

Water treatment plant : FRP vessels are basically used to treat water in treatment plants. May it be Iron Removal Plant (IRP), Fluoride Treatment Plant (FRP), Arsenic Treatment Plant (ARP); these are used in all cases to purify water.

Food processing industry : A new technology such as high-pressure processing is possibly fascinating whenever it decreases costs or makes new scope to improve food quality and safety. Nutrients and flavors are not really affected by such high pressures at which microorganisms and proteins are inactivated. High pressure increases the quality and shelf-life of food. As FRP vessels are non-reactive and corrosion-resistant so they are a perfect fit for this industry.

Air pollution control equipment : FRP vessels have a high ratio of mechanical strength to weight, as a result of which they have low downtime and longer service life. So they are a good choice for adding up as a component in air pollution control equipment.

Wood pulp industry : As FRP vessels are lightweight and require low maintenance; they can handle a lot of weight and have a long service period. Therefore, FRP vessels are used in the wood pulp industry over the long run.

Petroleum industry : FRP pressure vessels are cheap and can withhold a large amount of pressure; so they are used to store LPG gas. They are less expensive, and transporting them is easy.

Applications of FRP Vessels

FRP vessels are used in chemical industries

FRP vessels are used in waste water treatment

Oil and gas industries

Automotive and transportation