The demand for water is increasing day-by-day and despite water being one of the basic human needs. Having a proper water usage in all apartments is a great way to save water. A water-efficient apartment helps you save water and it is a wise thing to do.

Water consumption in apartments can be reduced in the following ways :

Check for water leaks and turn off all faucets and convert your existing taps into water efficient taps by using low flow water aerators.

Let your pots and pans soak in the sink rather than letting the faucet run while you clean them.

Instead of using running water, thaw frozen foods in the refrigerator.

Wash fruits and vegetable in a vessel instead of rinsing it directly by tap.

If you have a clothes washer, only wash clothes when you have a full load or use the appropriate water-level or load-size selection.

Instead of using a hose, use broom more to clean driveways and sidewalks.

Plant drought-resistant shrubs and plants and keep your yard healthy by dethatching, mulching and using natural fertilizers.

Water your garden/yard only when they need it with right amount of water and install drip irrigation system to use water efficiently.

Use low flow flushing or high-efficient flushing system to conserve water in toilet.

Turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth or shaving so that you could save hundreds of gallons a month.

After each use, turn your water faucet handles tight, this can stop constant dripping and install water-saving fixtures and appliances in your apartments to save water.

Report water leaks to your apartment water manager and do regular checks on leaks and other water related appliances.

Adopt rainwater harvesting in your apartment and use collected rain water for other use.

Encourage water conservation by sharing water conservation tips with children, friends and neighbours.

WATER- a priceless treasure, Save it with pleasure!
How to save water in Apartments
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