Water is a valuable resource. We all have a part to play to ensure there's enough water for everyone now and in the future. Because, water is a precious commodity and if you want to do your part to save it, begin by conserving water in your garden. Regardless of your water situation, you can always start saving water by looking to your own backyard.

Here are many ways you can improve your garden’s water holding capacity and are as follows:

Group plants with similar water needs in a common area would be a wise way to save water in garden.

Select smaller plants instead of bigger ones with right container so that you can save water in your garden

Water plants and lawns only when necessary with right amount of water using watering cans which helps in minimize water wastage.

To save water in your yard/garden, use best water-efficient technique such as drip irrigation for your grasses, trees, shrubs and flowers to reduce evaporation.

Don’t water the lawn/garden on windy days because much of it will be lost through evaporation.

Water plants with pre-used water, like water used for washing the vegetables, fruits.

Plant native or drought tolerant grasses, ground covers, shrubs and trees in your garden.

Don’t let the hose run and use a shut-off nozzle on your hose & use a water butt outside to collect rainwater for plants.

Water your garden in early morning or late afternoon to reduce the water loss from evaporation.

Mulch your garden regularly to lock in soil moisture. Because, mulching around plants is a great way to reduce water loss.

Use rain barrel to collect rain and water your plants in garden.

Don’t waste water on unhealthy or undesirable plants – instead detach or replace them.

Instead of washing your car in the driveway wash it over your lawn.

How to save water in Garden
Let’s all do our part to keep garden or yard green without wasting water!
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