Water and Wastewater
What is the water and wastewater industry?

The water and wastewater sector encompass all aspects of the water cycle, involving the provision of services and products to the market. This includes water and wastewater supply and treatment, water infrastructure, groundwater remediation, water instrumentation, smart management tools, and water features.

On an application basis, the water and wastewater market are divided into municipal and industrial segments, with the municipal sector dominating the market share. This is driven by applications in residential and non-residential contexts, along with an increasing focus on water quality and public health.

Sewage Treatment Systems

Akruthi Enviro Solution’s sewage treatment plants allow you to treat sewage to a level suitable for compliant discharge or for reuse.

Where sewage treatment is for compliant discharge to the environment, the treated effluent quality is determined by the local environmental regulations. Where the treated water isintended for reuse, the quality of the treated effluent is determined by the specific application, considering relevant health guidelines andassociated risk factors.

Selecting the appropriate sewage treatment system or plant during the initial stages is essential to guarantee its suitability for the intended purpose and its ease of operation and maintenance. Akruthi Enviro Solutionhas over 15 years of experience in the design, manufacture and maintenance of sewage treatment plants, and can supply a system exactly tailored to your needs. Select from Akruthi Enviro Solution’s wide range of standard sewage treatment systems or contact us to discuss a custom manufactured system.

Excellent Features of Our Sewage Treatment Plant:

1. Designed to provide odourless water

2. Minimal energy consumption

3. Simple upkeepand quick installation

4. Noiseless operation

5. Minimizing sludge production to a negligible level

Why IT Companies Should Consider Installing Sewage Treatment Plants?

Sewage treatment plants are indispensable for IT companies, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and reflecting a commitment to corporate responsibility. These facilities play a pivotal role in maintaining a clean and healthy working environment, safeguarding employee well-being.

Beyond the company's premises, proper sewage treatment positively impacts the broader community, contributing to overall environmental health. Additionally, treated wastewater offers opportunities for resource conservation through non-potable reuse, aligning with water sustainability efforts. Investing in sewage treatment not only averts potential fines for environmental violations but also presents long-term cost-saving benefits, making it a strategic and responsible choice for IT companies.

How a Sewage Treatment Plant Can Make a Significant Impact

If you find yourself uncertain about the advantages of a Sewage Treatment Plant, the points listed below are for you. Here are the top benefits that come with installing a STP at a large facility:

Self-Sustainability: The processed water guarantees its reuse for activities like flushing and non-edible gardening, fostering self-sustainability, minimizing water wastage, and optimizing water utilization.

Waste Reduction: Being reputable among the best Residential STP Plant Manufacturers,we offer an innovative range equipped with exceptional features. Our solution efficiently purifies water, reducing waste discharge into the environment, contributing to enhanced environmental conservation.

Fertilizer Production: The sludge collected during the water treatment process consists of a variety of biodegradable substances. After undergoing the 'sludge-drying' process, it transforms into a natural, biodegradable fertilizer, providing a sustainable solution for reuse.

Sewage Treatment Plants offer numerous advantages and are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial needs. We serve as your all-in-one destination for top-quality Residential Sewage Treatment Plant Packages and Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants. So, without any further delays, submit your direct inquiry or give us a call to promptly receive our immediate assistance.