Water is precious and we should be wise to use it. When it comes to conserve or save water then it’s our responsibility to conserve as much water as possible. Usage of water efficient devices or water saving products in wide variety of areas within the home, garden, pool or car and much more will save you a lot of water. We can all help reduce water waste by choosing more water efficient products. Here, you can check out range of water saving devices/products :

Water saving devices for the Home
Water Saving Aerators

Faucet aerators are the simple and least expensive water saving devices and are easy to install for your existing faucet. Aerators are screens that attach to the ends of faucets also contain a disk that restricts the water from the faucet. Aerators can reduce the amount of water flowing from the tap by more than 50% and hence it restricts the water flow without reducing the pressure. Installing faucet aerators and shower heads with low flow restrictors and it is the most effectual and cheapest way to save water that you can do in your home. Water Saving Aerators are the best Water saving devices for the Home.

High Efficiency Check Valves

One of the simplest ways to save water in home is to install water saving device called Check Valves. Because, these are safety valves and self-activating and also referred as non-return valve. These are available in various sizes and configurations in combination with a flow regulator acts as a pressure-regulating device to provide backflow protection and flow control. Adjusting the opening of the valve stem can change the amount of flow. Installation of high quality check valves prevent water loss in your home. Check Valves are one of the effective Water saving Products for the Home.

Water Flow Regulators

Use of quality flow regulators is one of the good ways to reduce the water consumption as much as possible. Flow regulator is a water saving device used across shower, kitchen taps, bathroom taps, etc., to provide constant and maximum flow rates. It reduces the flow of water of your faucets to 6 litres per minute and shower to 8 litres per minute. These are available in a variety of sizes and flow rates to suit various applications to reduce water consumption. By installing flow regulators in we can save water up to 70%. It regulates water flow to a constant 9L/min. Water Flow Regulators are the best Water saving devices for the Home.

Water Efficient Connecting Hoses

Connecting hoses are the water supply lines/hoses which are flexible for easy installation, leak proof and more durable. While watering your garden or wash your car, you need to have your connecting hose to save water. In your home, it’s important to connect your washing machine with hoses to provide right amount of water. Make sure that your bathroom faucet’s hot & cold shutoff valves and toilet cisterns are provided with connecting hoses. Whenever you need a longer hose, you can simply add on another in few seconds. Connecting Hoses are the best Water saving devices for the Home.

Water saving Kitchen Hoses

One of the ways to reduce water consumption at home is to install kitchen hoses. Hose that connects the water supply to the faucet in your kitchen may leak or wear out, and if this happens, you'll need to replace it. It’s application is not only limited to the kitchen but also in other areas. Supply lines leading to the kitchen sink are begin at a water supply valve and end at the faucet supply tube that is attached to the faucet. These kitchen hoses are water saving devices which are pliable, light in weight and easy to install. Kitchen Hoses are the effective Water saving devices for the Home.

High Efficient Shower Hoses

If you are looking for a way to save water in your bathroom then the best way is to install water saving device called shower hoses is a very sleek accessory to have in the bathroom. These provide much greater flexibility in the use of the shower, whether it is located in an enclosure or a tub. There are several types of shower hoses available with revolving connection, integrated check valve & washer regulator. Hoses are soft and flexible, portable, efficient and good appearance and moreover, shower hose saves large amount of water in your bathroom. Shower Hoses are the best Water saving devices in Bathroom.

Water Efficient Diverters

Flow control of faucets is a highly-refined technology and installation of water saving devices called diverters will reduce water consumption at your home. . A diverter consists of three major components: main body, connector and axle. Faucet diverters redirect the water from the faucet spout to your faucet sprayer when you press the sprayer trigger. If you find your kitchen or bathroom faucet diverters is broken, leaking or corroded then replace them as early as possible and get your faucets working properly so that you can save water.

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